Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid is the founder of Equipilates™ and was the first British Dressage Registered Trainer in the UK to recognise the potential of Pilates to transform riders and commit to train as a professional teacher of classical Pilates; she holds the Level 3 instructor certification in classical Pilates and is also a qualified Specialist Biomechanics Coach™ (Intelligent Training Systems), accredited on the Register of Exercise Professionals.  Lindsay is a Group 3 Rider with experience of competing and training horses up to advanced levels in dressage; her horses are currently working at a range of levels from recently backed to intermediare II.  She is an experienced and inspirational teacher, dedicated to promoting correct training principles and bringing the biomechanics and musculature of each individual horse and rider combination together in harmony.   She is able to show you how to open doors, both within yourself and your horse, which may have seemed forever locked!  She is in a unique position to train the rider's body and mind whilst incorporating correct development of the horse according to classical principles.  She has an incredibly sensitive eye for the smallest detail, and through her insight and perception of asymmetric movement along with her skills in functional testing for biomechanical dysfunction, she is able to take your performance to a whole new level, whether you are a weekend rider or an international equestrian athlete.


Lindsay takes referals from other equestrian professionals (trainers, equine physios, vets and saddle fitters) to help their clients with postural issues which can affect the horse in ways ranging from difficulty with lateral movements in one direction to persistent saddle fit problems or lameness caused by poor rider balance/alignment.  Lindsay teaches throughout the UK and beyond; she has had several training articles published in the British Dressage Magazine in 2008 and has also featured in Your Horse magazine (May 2009), NFU Countryside magazine (October 2009) and Horsescene and Your Horse Magazines in 2010.  Lindsay has presented very well received Equipilates demonstrations in the Interactive Zone, now the 'Improve Your Riding' Zone, at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Your Horse Live event.  She is also presenting in the 2014 Your Horse Live 'Learning Zone'. Her books, 'Pilates for Riders' and 'Core Connection for Riders' are receiving worldwide acclaim.


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Lindsay's second book 'Core Connection for Riders' is out now!  You can buy Core Connection, plus 'Pilates for Riders' and the 'Improve Your Position; the Rider's ABC' DVD here-  click on the online shop to order your signed copy!


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