As Lindsay's time is limited and to meet the demand around the country for the Equipilates™ approach, we have a growing network of Equipilates™ trained teachers around the UK.  They are all highly experienced movement and/or physical therapists, and who have a real understanding of how to help you achieve more with your horse through improving your own body awareness and function.  Please be aware that some riding-related Pilates/position improvement tuition is being offered around the UK, wrongly described as 'Equipilates'; the teachers have not trained with Lindsay nor completed the Equipilates™ Teacher Training Course.  Action is being taken on this and only teachers who have completed the course here at The Dressage Studio are authorised to use the name and official logo of 'Equipilates'.  You can be assured that Equipilates™ Registered Trainers are all highly qualified professionals and offer tuition according to Lindsay's holistic approach.  They also are committed to continuing professional development in their own studio and equestrian teaching skills with our advanced workshops.  ONLY EQUIPILATES™ REGISTERED TRAINERS DISPLAY OUR OFFICIAL LOGO.   


More details of each trainer and their individual contact details will be posted on the website imminently.



Emma Stamenkovic- Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire





Amanda is a certified level 3 mat Pilates and member of REPS.  She started Pilates in 2005, as a great way to improve her riding and golf performance and since then she is stronger and more flexible than she was in her 20s, which has got to be a good thing!  Amanda has a passion for horses, having  ridden since she was 10.  Dressage is her particular passion; watching it and doing it when she can.  She owns Lionel (or 'Uberlinus' as he is known to his Dutch friends) and aspires to compete him, though he is a little work shy!  


Amanda says 'Pilates is completely addictive; once you start to feel more flexible and develop your inner core strength, you'll never want to go back to the body you had before.  Equipilates™ is a great combination of Pilates exercises for riders, combined with proven biomechanical releases and progressions.  A more balanced body allows your horse to move more freely underneath you and being more stable gives you confidence.' 


Amanda teaches classes at the Buckinghamshire golf club in Denham, and offers Equipilates™ workshops, small classes at venues and one to one clients in their own homes.  Amanda covers North London, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.  Contact Amanda on





Emma is a certified Body Control Pilates Teacher and Level 3 Instructor for Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs).  She spends her time teaching Pilates at The Studio, Tattenhall and riding her beasutiful 9 year old ISH, Miss Black Lady.  Her interest in Pilates started in 2002; she was very impressed with the impact it had on her own body.  For the last two years she has spent time combining her two passions in life (riding and Pilates) and loves the insight Pilates has given her in terms of her own riding.  In addition, she is currently in teacher training with Mary Wanless (not an accredited teacher of her method) who she credits with providing her with the insight as to how an organised rider's body can influence the horse and feels this will further complement her Equipilates™ teaching. 


Emma wants you to enjoy Equipilates™ and to discover the benefits, as she has, to her riding.  She offers one to one tuition, group sessions and dismounted workshops in South Cheshire and the surrounding areas.  Please see her website, Facebook page 'Three Pilates' or contact her via email ( or phone 07771 345009 for further information.




Kirsty is a Level 3 advanced Personal Trainer specialising in horse rider fitness.  She has ridden since the age of four and now enjoys training and competing her PRE (pure bred Spanish), who has given her great insight into the importance of an independent supple seat and good posture.  Kirsty comments 'He certainly tells me if I'm not riding correctly!' She currently runs Fit2Ride Classes within the south Cheshire and Shropshire area. With her passion for riding and for fitness, Kirsty's classes will inspire you with her infectious enthusiam.  She is dedicated to helping clients, through Equipilates and rider fitness to achieve the same increased harmony and oneness with the horse that she has found so invaluable in her own riding and training.  


Kirsty offers rider fitness courses, postural assessment weekends, one to one training and workshops.  She travels within the north west, Shropshire and North Wales areas, or you are welcome to travel to her.   To arrange a private consultation, group tuition, workshops or clinics please contact Kirsty on 07792 461964, or via email or alternatively for further info visit her website




Liz is a Level 3 Pilates Instructor, having trained with Body Control Pilates, and is also a qualified Sports Massage therapist. She runs a busy and successful clinic in East Cornwall. Liz is currently studying for the Level 4 Pilates Movement Qualification with Body Control Pilates and continuing her Equipilates™ education with the Level 2 programme. She is also the area Supervising Teacher for Body Control Pilates – offering students support and experience in a class environment.


Liz has ridden for many years and currently rides and enjoys her beautiful 10 year old Arab x. Since taking the Equipilates™ course and applying those principles to her own riding Liz and Valentin are enjoying the benefits of a more balanced rider! She is passionate about combining the ethos of Pilates with not only her own horse riding but with her horse riding clients – whatever level they are at – from the happy hacker, the nervous rider to the competitive rider.


Liz teaches Equipilates™ in Cornwall – offering one to one tuition in her studio, group sessions and dismounted workshops.  Contact her on 07526 899781 or email





Isabel is a qualified Level 3 Modern Pilates Instructor and a Level 3 Personal Trainer, specialising in health and fitness, weight loss and nutrition. She is also a qualified massage therapist and her teaching very much encompasses a holistic approach.


She enjoyed riding her beautiful Cleveland Bay/Thoroughbred Mercedes whom she sadly lost October 2012 after having a partnership for over 25 wonderful years.


Isabel always enjoyed Pilates and was continually amazed at the impact it has on her riding as well as in every day life, hence her decision to train to teach and help others to discover the huge benefits in Equipilates™.   She teaches Equipilates™ in small groups and on a one to one basis as well as offering one to one assessments, including postural alignment and functional assessment of the pelvis.


You can find more info on the Facebook page 'Pilates with Isabel'.  You can contact her by email-, or mobile: 07790 059227.  




Heidi is an experienced sports therapist and personal trainer having qualified in 1996 and has worked worldwide with top sports people and VIPs from David Coulthard to Brian Ferry!  She has also taught Pilates for the past twelve years and works with a lot of rehab patients after injuries.  Heidi is also an equine massage therapist, qualifying in 2002.  She treats horse and rider together and finds Equipilates™ hugely beneficial to her combination therapy.  


Heidi has had a passion for horses since the age of 5 and got her first pony at 9.  She was a keen showjumper as a teenager, and is now showing her young horse Freckles who she has produced herself.  


Heidi now runs a studio in Glossop, Derbyshire ( where she offers Equipilates™ classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 7.30pm, plus personal training and sports therapy.  One to one sessions are also available.  Find more details on Heidi's work with horse and rider at




Gillian is a Chartered Physiotherapist who trained in Cardiff, graduating with a BSc Honours degree in Physiotherapy in 1998, and then worked in the NHS in Hampshire.  After further training with Anna Johnson (Sydney and Athens Olympics Equestrian Team Physio) she worked within Anna's practice in Buckinghamshire.  Whilst completing the first Masters Degree in Veterinary Physiotherapy  at the Royal Veterinary College, London, she moved to Devon to create a business partnership and start 'South West Veterinary Physiotherapy'.  Treating injured riders has lead to pursuing training in rider biomechanics and Pilates (APPI).  After reading and being inspired by Lindsay's book 'Pilates for Riders', Gillian has completed her Level 1 training and is now an Equipilates™ Registered Teacher.  Having progressed as a child through the Pony Club, Gillian has since competed in eventing, showjumping and in the show ring, but now is focussing on her goal of achieving balance and harmony in the dressage arena.  


Gillian offers one-to-one assessments, group sessions and dismounted workshops in the southwest, designed to improve your performance in the saddle.  This complements the physiotherpy work she does with the horse, as addressing issues within a rider will enhance the outcome for both memebers of the team.  To contact Gillian please phone 07989 589667, see her facebook page www.facebook/gilliantaborphysio or contact her via her email




Anya is a Pilates Instructor who qualified in studio and matwork with Pilates International (now Sampson Pilates) in 2005. She runs a small studio in Ashburton, Devon, where she teaches using the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and Wunda chair as well as small equipment and mat-work. She has an extensive background in Iyengar yoga, Contemporary dance and Acupuncture and these disciplines inform her Pilates practice.

Anya started riding when she was five years old and owned a horse throughout her teenage years. She now has an Arab with whom, at the age of fifty-nine, she has started riding in Endurance events. From many years of studying the balance, flexibility and symmetry of the human body, Anya now extends this to how the rider’s physical limitations affect the horse and also can lead to pain and injury for the rider, especially the older rider. Training as an ‘Equipilates’ teacher is a culmination of this process.


Anya offers ‘one to one’ sessions or small classes of up to three people at her studio. She also offers workshops on a monthly basis for those who live too far away to come regularly. Contact her on 01364653188/07810871224 or Website:




Claire is an advanced level Pilates instructor (level 4 trained), with 10 years of experience teaching matwork Pilates.  She has over 100 aligned and relaxed customers!  Having come to riding late, Claire noticed the advantage to her position and balance of already practising Pilates.  She now rides two horses in all disciplines.  Amazed by the parallels between riding and Pilates, it was a natural progression to teach other riders the Pilates principles not only to help improve their position, but also the horse's way of going.  


Claire was impressed by the fresh approach of Equipilates™ and Lindsay's dedication to training. Incorporating exercises from a range of different therapies makes Equipilates™ a dynamic and inclusive method to teach.  Claire has now trianed on Level 1 @ 3 courses with Lindsay and has clients of all abilities and ages (youngest 13 yrs, oldest 76 yrs) who have been positively influenced by this fantastic method.    

As a Pilates instructor, Claire continues to train all aspects of functional movement such as biomechanics, pelvic floor and fascia.  As a rider, she is continuing with further training to develop both her understanding of horse and rider and her own riding skills.  This allows Claire to help riders both on and off their horses.  


Claire holds Equipilates™ lectures, workshops and courses around Dorset for riders of all levels and abilities (as well as Pilates and dance classes).  Contact Claire as to enquire about classes, private sessions or organising a workshop at a suitable venue near you.  Let Claire help you in the way that Equipilates™ has helped her!  Claire Myers




Chris qualified as a BHSAI more years ago than she cares to remember and then worked as a groom in Portugal and in Austria where she did some training with a 'bereiter' from the Spanish Riding school of Vienna.  She followed this with a career in IT which led her to live in the Netherlands for several years returning to the UK with, of all breeds, an English Thoroughbred flat racer who has competed at eventing and jumping, but loves dressage and qualified for the National Veteran Dressage championship in 2009. She now also owns a second National Hunt racer who loves jumping.

After many riding falls and one more serious horse related accident, when Chris discovered Pilates around 10 years ago she really appreciated the effect it had on her body. Chris first qualified as a level 2 Pilates teacher in 2006 and level 3 CYQ Pilates teacher in 2007. Her vision has always been to help horse riders to improve their riding by using Pilates. Chris was extremely pleased with the effect that Equipilates™ had on her own riding and in particular her balance, she believes it is applicable to all riders, not only dressage riders, but also for jumping and general riding and especially for the older rider. Chris’s most important  aim for the future is to continue to ride horses for the rest of her life and believes that she can help others to do the same using the Equipilates™ techniques.

Chris’s runs classes, gives one to one sessions and riding instruction, her details are:  and telephone 07966 371402.




Charlotte started her fitness career as a British Army Physical Training Instructor. This gave her not only an excellent and varied grounding in fitness instruction  but also great empathy for what it feels like to carry weight on the back!  She went on to gain several recognised fitness qualifications including Exercise to Music, Physio Ball, Nutrition and Weight Management and Matwork Pilates, and is accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals. 


Riding wise, she has turned her hand to most things from completing the National Hunt amateur jockey course to modern pentathlon. She has competed extensively individually and for military teams and has ridden in BE and BSJA events.  She currently enjoys training her home-bred horse in classical principles as well as honing their jumping skills and experimenting with trick training!  She is committed to using ethical horsemanship training methods.


Charlotte says 'I am delighted to have had the opportunity to train with Lindsay and believe that combining classical dressage principles with the ability to diagnose and correct rider biomechanical issues can produce amazing results which are enjoyable and rewarding for both horse and rider.'


Charlotte provides Equipilates training to riders in Cheltenham and surrounding areas.  She offers one-to-one postural analysis and training, group classes, lectures and dismounted workshops.  She can also help with your fitness training or weight management goals. Please see her website or contact her via email or phone for up-to-date information.

Facebook: Equanimity Rider Training

Phone: 07968 481176




Gina is a Chartered Physiotherapist and a Level 3 APPI Pilates Instructor as well as a Hippotherapist (riding therapist). After 20 years in the NHS Gina now works as a private Physiotherapist, and teaches daily Pilates classes; specialising in Pilates for Horse Riders.  Gina is involved in teaching Equipilates™ to Riding and Pony Clubs, Young Rider Academies and National Teams.  She also enjoys helping ‘Happy Hackers’ to be just that! As a Hippotherapist Gina also works with less able riders using equine movement as a Physiotherapy modality.

At home Gina has three horses; her own retired Polo horse who will turn his hand to whatever asked and two eventers her daughter competes. Gina rides or schools most days and has found the Equipilates™ concepts have greatly enhanced her riding – improving her position and effectiveness  as well as enhancing the communication she feels with the horse.

Gina offers the following Equipilates™ training sessions

  • Talks – introducing the concepts of body biomechanics, the ABC principles on a saddle horse as well as a few fun seated releases for tight muscles!
  • Workshops – a more practical dismounted session looking at Posture, Alignment, Pelvic mobility and centering.
  • Six week Equipilates Fundamentals course – a full dismounted package including exercises for alignment, breathing, core strength, spinal and pelvic mobility

Private Equipilates™ sessions. These include a full biomechanical assessment, specific exercises prescribed to improve your suppleness, posture, breathing patterns and stability / balance. Exercises using your saddle on a saddle horse is included.

The overall aim of Gina’s Equipilates™ teaching is to improve your riding so it is more pleasurable and comfortable for you and your horse resulting in more harmony and a better performance.

E:     T: 07743 336258




Antonia is a Level 3 Body Control Pilates teacher and member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP’s). She started Pilates following a riding accident that left her on crutches for 6 months. Initially to aid rehabilitation, she soon noticed a marked improvement in her balance, coordination and posture, off and on horse and now enjoys helping her clients understand and use their bodies more effectively.


As a life-long and dedicated rider Antonia has competed and worked in a broad range of equestrian disciplines from racing to polo, dressage and eventing to film stunt work, both in the UK and Australia. Having always been fascinated by the intricacies and paradoxes of rider biomechanics and keen to share the benefits of Pilates with other riders she trained as an Equipilates™ Registered Trainer. As a teacher she gets great pleasure from seeing the profound changes and improvements made to rider and horse.


Antonia has worked with some extremely talented teachers, to align, balance and gain control of her own body, both on and off horse. She is dedicated to using this knowledge, experience and insight to assist her clients in understanding and mastering their own bodies to enhance and refine their riding experience and performance.  Based on the Hampshire/West Sussex border she offers postural assessments, private and group sessions and dismounted workshops. For further information please visit or contact her on 07855 453 694 or




Helen is a Level 3 Personal Trainer specialising in horse rider fitness.  She has been riding since the age of 10 and enjoys training and competing her own horse in showjumping.  She has represented Jersey as a junior team rider against Guernsey at her local BSJA centre and regularly receives top placings in showjumping and working hunter classes.  She travels to Guernsey to compete and soon also in the UK.  She is trained by local instructor Alison Rogers and international showjumper BS accredited and UKCC coach Paul Crago.


Helen's experience in riding has allowed her to understand the importance of straightness, suppleness, lateral work and engagement in order for you to perform well in your chosen discipline.  She enjoys teaching riders how to improve mobility, stability, how to develop good posture and how to engage the right muscles when in the saddle.  


Helen's experience training in gyms and privately has enabled her to understand how the human body functions and how lack of mobility and supplenss can affect your daily life, from simple tasks to sporting activities.  Using carefully selected exercises, Helen will help you to reduce tension, tightness and related discomfort; this enables a better connection with your horse and will improve your performance. 


Helen offers one to one or group training sessions- she is based in Jersey but is happy to travel to other islands should there be interest.  To book an appointment please contact Helen on 07797 711622 or via email  




Katie is a Chartered Physiotherapist who graduated from Kings College London 2007 with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.  She started her career as a Physiotherapist in Essex before moving to work in London.  She has worked extensively within the NHS gaining experience not only in musculoskeletal sports injuries but also, orthopaedic, neurological and critical care and has been working as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist since 2010. Katie also works in private practice within a sports injury clinic and tennis club and  has previously worked for Cray Wanders Football Club.  She is a qualified acupuncturist.


Katie completed her training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) to become an advanced Pilates instructor and has also done further training in antenatal and postnatal Pilates and Pilates for horse riders.


Katie has always been passionate about horse riding and had ridden since she was 3 years old and now successfully competes at British Eventing. Over recent years with the knowledge of her physiotherapy and Pilates skills Katie began to realise how important the riders posture and biomechanics were to succeed within riding. After completing her initial Pilates for horse riders with the APPI  she wanted to continue further training which lead into the interest in becoming an Equipilates™ trainer and completed her training with Lindsay in 2013.


Her skills as a Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and Equipilates™ trainer enables Katie to have developed advanced skills in assessing and correcting postural imbalances and being able to treat any musculoskeletal conditions which may limit the progression at the same time.


Katie offers one-to-one assessments, group sessions and dismounted workshops, designed to improve your performance in the saddle as well as physiotherapy assessment and treatment from her clinic based at her stable yard near Sevenoaks in Kent.


To contact Katie please phone 07971218827, e-mail or please see her Facebook page for the latest information




Sarah is a Chartered Physiotherapist, who having graduated in 2007 from Bristol UWE established her career in private practice, working in sports injury and rehabilitation. Since establishing her own practice in 2012, Sarah has become increasingly focussed on injury prevention and optimising performance through correct training techniques, which led her into Pilates. With a large number of equestrian clients, Sarah became increasingly aware of the tendency for equestrian training to focus on the fitness and correctness of the horse, not the rider. Sarah found that Equipilates™ offered the solution to identifying and correcting the riders position and effectiveness to enable them to get the best from their horse. 


Sarah now focusses on dressage with ther 26 year old ISH, Blondie, competing with British Dressage.  She has previously competed in British Eventing competitions and worked on showing, hunting and eventing yards in the past which has given her a wealth of experience across the equine industry.  

Sarah offers one to one courses, workshops and regular classes around Leicestershire and surrounding areas.  Please visit, call 07905 655285 or email to find out more. 



Sarah Payne is a BHSI, List 2A Dressage Judge, Equine Body Worker and a level 3 Matwork Pilates Teacher having trained with Modern Pilates. The driving force behind Lincolnshire’s competition venue Sheepgate Equestrian, Sarah spends her time riding and competing, offering dressage training and clinics to riders of all ages and abilities, judging and teaching Pilates classes at the venue near Boston, Lincolnshire. Sarah’s passion for Pilates started in 2008 and offered answers to the many questions posed by rider’s requests for improvement in their positions. Equipilates™ offers the perfect complement to improvement in the rider’s position and their ability to influence the horse effectively. Sarah’s eye for detail allows her to bring out the best in any horse and rider combination creating a harmonious partnership. With over twenty years experience teaching riders at all levels Sarah’s commitment to her clients is clear to see. Workshops and clinics will be organised at Sheepgate Equestrian and surrounding areas introducing the many opportunities that Equipilates™ offers. Contact 07768




Charlotte is a Chartered Physiotherapist who graduated from University of East Anglia (UEA) in 2006 with a First Class BSc Honours in Physiotherapy.  She started her career as a Physiotherapist in London before returning to her home in the South West, developing her practice in the NHS.  She has worked extensively within the NHS and has worked as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist since 2009, whilst developing her practice throughout this time by working in a range of private practices alongside her NHS work since graduating.  Charlotte has gained insight in how the body subconsciously compenstaes after trauma or postural fault which results in muscle imbalances and perceptual cycle of pain.  Through training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) and her background of Physiotherapy she has developed advanced skills of assessing and correcting these postural imbalances and teaches many Pilates classes locally. 


Charlotte has always been passionate about horse riding.  Through her career she has realised how the precision, awareness, pelvic mobility and stability needed for riding overlap with the pirnciples of Pilates.  Is is through this interest and her passion for improving the horse-rider partnership that she became an Equipilates™ trainer.  Charlotte is using these principles to help with her current horse 'Bertie' who she is reschooling after his racing career. 


Charlotte offers one-to-one assessments, group sessions and dismounted workshops in the southwest, designed to improve your performance in the saddle.  To contact Charlotte please phone 07793 028247 or email  




Kate is a Chartered Physiotherapist working at the Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust.  Kate has been working with riders and their horses for over 20 years, initially as a BHS qualified instructor before moving to Canada in 2004 where she qualified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor.  Kate completed an MSc in Rehabilitation Science in 2007 and in 2009 began training with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute which allowed her to begin offering small Pilates classes for riders.  Kate is also a qualified Hippotherapist which utilises the horse's movement to provide physiotherapy treatment to clients.  


As a rider Kate has competed in BE and BD and has found Pilates invaluable for correcting her own bad habits.  Equipilates™ allows her to identify any imbalance and helps maximise every rider's potential, improving their riding and the horse's movement as a partnership.  Kate says 'The feedback I have had from both my Pilates and riding clients since training with Lindsay has been so positive; they love the idea that correcting their own imbalances wll improve their riding and benefit their horse.  '


Kate provides Equipilates™ training to riders in Sheffield and surrounding areas.  She offers mixed group and 1:1 sessions.  She also provides riding instruction, equisimulator sessions, Equipilates™ clinics and postural analysis at Smeltings Farm (  Kate can be contacted via her website or email  Alternatively phone 07813 659449.




Tara is a Stott Pilates trainer with a strong interest in rider biomechanics.  Based at her 'Evolved' studio in Chobham and to be found teaching in arenas throughout Surrey, Tara gives clinics throughout the South-East and is also the resident trainer at the pilates studio at 'Gainfield Training and Livery' in Oxfordshire every Thursday.  A rider for over thirty years, Tara evented in New Zealand for many years before switching to pure dressage and moving to Germany to train and compete in 2003.  She later relocated to Hungary to base herself with Gyula Dallos (rider of the wonderful 'Aktion'). It was there, training daily up to Grand Prix level that she came to fully appreciate the true importance of an independent, stable, secure yet tension free position and how mind-body awareness, coupled with musculo-skeletal health and strength can make this easier for the rider to achieve.  Fascinated by the interaction of human and equine biomechanics, Tara is constantly striving to evolve. In addition to being on the Equipilates™ Level 2 (Accredited) Program, Tara recently completed a Biomechanics 'RWYM' Teacher Training Course with Mary Wanless (note that she is not yet an accredited teacher of her method). Simultaneously she continues with her pilates training and will soon be adding the Ladder Barrel to her Repetoire of Mat, Reformer, V2 Max, Cadillac & Chair (pilates machines) and undertaking the gruelling Stott Specialist Rehabilitation Course for dealing with specialist clients, including post-injury & recovering from surgery.


Tara is extremely dedicated to her own development as a rider and teacher; her resulting expertise in high level dressage combined with her experience in Pilates means the tuition she offers is of the highest calibre. To arrange a private consultation, clinic or workshop or to join attend her 'Pilates for Equestrians' classes, please contact Tara on 07969 346145, visit her website at or email her at 





Claire is a Chartered Human and Veterinary Physiotherapist based in Cheshire.

Claire graduated from The University of Teesside in 2003 with a BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy. Since qualifying Claire has worked in the NHS, private practice, BUPA and for Tranmere Rovers Football Club; gaining extensive experience in musculoskeletal sports injuries, orthopaedic and neurological conditions.

Claire then went on to the University of the West of England to complete the postgraduate diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy, allowing her to transfer her specialist skills to the assessment and treatment of animals.  It was then that she realised the importance of weight distribution whilst riding and how subtle asymmetries can disturb the horses balance and rhythm.  A rider's position is very important as asymmetry can cause uneven pressure on the horses back and in time affect the horses ability to work to their potential. As horses rely on physical aids from their riders, it is thought that asymmetries caused by the rider may be miscommunicated to the horse as aids, this can result in both behavioural problems and musculoskeletal problems in the horse. Claire has found that by treating both the horse and rider performance and function can be optimised.


Claire now treats horses and dogs throughout Wirral and Cheshire and the surrounding areas, and is able to assess and treat riders in a private setting, whilst continuing to work in the NHS and private sector in musculoskeletal out patients.  She has ridden all of her life and competed in showjumping, dressage and eventing with her current horse Maddie (an Irish Draft cross).


Claire offers one-to-one assessments, group sessions and dismounted workshops in Wirral, Cheshire and North Wales.  This complements the physiotherapy work she does with the horse, as addressing issues within a rider will enhance the partnership.To contact Claire please phone 07740354930, email, visit her website at or see her facebook page www.facebook/CEBphysiotherapy. 




Veronika holds a CYQ Diploma in teaching Pilates and is a qualified Level 3 Advanced Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.  She currently offers one to one Pilates training either at client's home or at a fully equipped gym near Worcester.  Veronika is an experienced rider and regularly competes up to Elementary level in dressage, having trained horses of all ages and levels.  She has won and been placed at Trailblazers Championships UK and The Cricklands Dressage Championships for the past eight years.  She instructs riding at Whitford Riding Stables, runs a Pilates class for a small group of riders and non riders and devotes the rest of her time to Equipilates™.  Veronika works with riders of all ages and abilities, delivering one to one private sessions which consist of postural assessment and a tailored programme specific to the client's needs.  She runs Equipilates™ classes at various riding centres and riding camps throughout the year.  Riding lessons and taster days are also available. 


Veronika is multiskilled and really enthusiastic about her teaching;she is particularly interested in promoting harmony through classical training pronciples, as are all Equipilates™ Registered Teachers.  She currenly works in Droitwich, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Bromyard and Stourbridge and is happy to travel throughout Worcestershire and some areas of Gloucestershire.  Veronika is fully insured and holds an up to date First Aid at Work certificate.  If you would like to arrange tuition for yourself or a group, workshop or clinic please contact Veronika on 07761 823280, email or visit




Rosie is an Advanced Level Pilates instructor with over 10 years experience. She is also a massage therapist and, with a background in dance, is qualified in Piloxing, Zumba and Aquacise.


Rosie has ridden all her life and worked with horses from leaving school. She and her daughter own a Hanoverian event horse and a hackney cross.


After realising that a large number of her clients included horse riders, from happy hackers to competition level riders wanting to improve their balance and performance, she started to tailor her classes to their needs.  Getting good feedback but wanting to give more, she did a lot of research and talked to many people to find the best way forward to improve her knowledge within this field. This led to her introduction to Lindsay Wilcox Reid's Equipilates™ training system. During the training she realised that the approach was so much more involved than she first thought!   It was exciting and enlightening to apply the formulae to her own riding, which after a skiing accident some years before had become awkward and sometimes painful.  She had reached the point that she was convinced her horses were unbalanced and not just herself, but after practising the exercises Lindsay had prescribed for her she was fantastically impressed on the difference it made; suddenly her horses felt balanced. She was pain free whilst riding and her pelvis was free to move, with her body relaxed  She has now applied this method to her classes and her clients are getting fabulous results, with the biggest successes coming with the clients who have had previous injuries.  The results are impressive and are a must for the discerning rider wanting to get the most from their horses and themselves - your horse will definitely thank you for it.


In addition, Rosie offers postural assessment on and off the saddle horse, private and group sessions and dismounted workshops.


Rosie can be contacted by mobile: 07811 683734;


website: and Facebook 






Gunilla is certified by Body Arts & Science International (BASI) as a Pilates Mat Work instructor (2006), qualified to teach the full mat repertoire. She did her training in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she lived for twelve years before relocating to her native country Sweden in 2010. Gunilla is a business economist by profession, but has always been dedicated to physical fitness. As a young rider she was training non-competitive vaulting and competed in show jumping at lower levels.  Running, various forms of aerobics, and later on katabox and body combat have followed her through life. She discovered Pilates during her time in South Africa and has never looked back. Eager to learn more she embarked on the BASI Pilates journey and for further development she has done a course in exercise science, attended various pilates workshops as well as a body combat instructor course.


'Through Lindsays Equipilates™ teacher training course I have found a new edge in teaching pilates to riders as well as to clients in general.  Incorporating myofascial thinking into pilates teaching was an eye opener and a tool for increasing the clients understanding. It also helped me grow as an instructor', says Gunilla.


She lives on a farm with her husband, two horse and dog in the south eastern corner of Sweden at Österlen, an area boasting a higher number of horses than cattle - a paradise for horse lovers.


Gunilla offers general pilates training and pilates for riders (Equipilates™) at different venues in the south eastern corner of Sweden. Scheduled group training, private sessions as well as workshops and clinics are provided. Contact Gunilla by email and for further information visit her website


Lindsay's second book 'Core Connection for Riders' is out now!  You can buy Core Connection, plus 'Pilates for Riders' and the 'Improve Your Position; the Rider's ABC' DVD here-  click on the online shop to order your signed copy!


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