If you're looking for effective help to seriously improve your riding and achieve more with your horse, you've come to the right place. 


This is…not just Pilates.  It is not even just Pilates geared for horse riders.   It is more than position work, more than rider postural awareness, more than sports conditioning.  We offer something different, at the cutting edge of sports performance. We are science based but holistically evolved. This is:

classes & workshops around the UK and beyond ~ teacher training ~ Equipilates™ Online


biomechanics ~ diagnostics ~ coaching

For private tuition with Lindsay Wilcox-Reid, founder of Equipilates™, please visit www.intrinsicequitation.com.  Here you can find out more about the unique synthesis of skills she offers including biomechanical diagnostics, gait analysis and movement therapy for riders, plus dressage coaching for rider and horse.