If you're looking for effective help to seriously improve your riding and achieve more with your horse, you've come to the right place. 


This is…not just Pilates.  It is not even just Pilates geared for horse riders.   It is more than position work, more than rider postural awareness, more than sports conditioning.  We offer something different, at the cutting edge of sports performance. We are science based but holistically evolved. This is:


Lindsay and TDS Up to You

We offer:




ethical education in classical equitation

EQUIPOISE™ is the horse training element of our holistic approach here at The Dressage Studio.  You can benefit from top class tuition and an enthusiastic, professional approach to improving your communication, core connection, performance and partnership.  We are interested in YOU and YOUR HORSE, and passionate about helping you both achieve your full potential.  Equipilates™ increases rider effectiveness in each and every discipline, and Equipoise™ encourages balance, lightness, grace and athleticism whether you are hacking a couple of times a week or a professional rider competing at FEI level.